Monday, February 23, 2009

My Latest Creations

I made this scrapbook for my cousin and her fiancee, Sou.
When I first got the call about his cancer, I hurried to gather all the pictures
and I developed them to make this book just for them.
It's about their vacation back at home when they came to visit last year.
I hope they both will enjoy it.

Blog Award from Enjoli

I got this award from Enjoli

Here are the gals I'm passing the award to....BTW, I'd send to my great friend Nicky, but Enjoli beat me to it.

Toni from Whimsical Thoughts
Bernice from Sweet Escape
Teri from Big Ideas From A Little Girl
Jen from Pieces of Me
Jackie from My Pink Artsy World

From Enjoli =}

Enjoli donated these hand crafted items for my cousin's fiancee. She also included a RAK for me. How sweet is that? I greatly appreciate her offer of goodies. Please do check out her blog with her lovely creations



variety of cards

RAK for me!!

contents included

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cherry Blossoms

My co-worker gave me these cherry blossoms. He picked them from his Mom's tree. Aren't they pretty? I don't remember seeing thse before. I thought it'd be perfect for girl's day but he said they won't be on the tree anymore at the time.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Teri's Card Swap

This was Teri's card swap. I was partnered with Bernice. She's from Mexico!
Her is the card she made for me. It's such a CUTE one =)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NEW Hello Kitty Sizzlits Dies

Bought a few dies from J's Knicknacks

This one is suppose to be with a rainbow but I didn't care for it.
Put the mushroom instead. I think the mushroom is super cute!
I didn't know what I would use it for but I just had to get it.

I only made these 2 HK dies with the cards. Since I just got them, I just had to hurry and use them. I did want to make more but I have been very tired and feel like a cold coming on. And I got bad news from a friend that made me sad. My thoughts are with her tonight....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Digital Designs

I made these today at Nicky's house. We planned to just hang out and make cards. We were suppose to do some other things but I guess we forgot and just got carried away with our cardmaking. I have been wanting to make cards with these digital designs. The designs are soo cute!! Sad to say this is all I made....for the entire 12 hrs we were sitting at the table and crafting. Except for eating lunch and dinner. So that meant we were doing a lot of talking!! =P

Present from Nicky

I got these goodies from my good friend Nicky for Valentine's Day! I only met her ending of last year at J's Knicknack's make and take. Then I invited her to my silhouette class. We've been hanging out ever since and have become such great friends. Come to find out, we have a lot in common - of course, cardmaking ;) and have a lot of similarities in the way we think and how we view things. Anyway, I just wanted to share her kind thoughtfulness with you all.

Bath & Body products!!!

Okay, so she was explaining why she bought this paper towel for me.
I actually thought it was because it had the name "Scott" on it and since he's my male bff,
maybe that's why she got it. Then she was mentioning
how much I love cupcakes and decided to buy this paper towel for me.
How sweet is that??
But I told her I can't use it because it's too nice to use.

can you see those cute cupcakes??

I won another ~Blog Candy~

I won all these goodies from Sara at Scrap Happie

Can't believe I won!!

Japanese Doll card

Made this thank you card for Enjoli.
I mailed her a bunch of postage stamps because she wanted to donate some things
for my cousin's fiancee.

Valentine's Day Goodies

these Oreo cakesters are for my co-workers

these goodies are for the guys at my husband's work place

purse cards for my daughter's 3rd grade class for girls

file folder cards for the boys

each card included this Chuck E Cheese coupon

good for 5 free tokens

ta da!!!