Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh My RAKs!

I've been small kind MIA but will be back in action soon. My cousin and her fiancee left to Alaska tonight =( so I decided to finally post something. This one is very much behind but these are RAKs I received over a month ago. Such thoughtful people who visit my blog! I'm very grateful and appreciate their kindness =)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blog Award from Jen Young!

This smile award was given to me by Jen [Pieces of Me]! Among the variety of things she does, she's a designer for Two Scoops Rice Designs. Talk about being crazy and silly, she totally cracks me up! I still remember the time she came to my work place to drop off an order and she left here with a joke and I couldn't stop laughing even about 20 min later. She texted me and I was still rolling. She is one crazy gal who stands out =} I'm surprised she gave me this award because she's the one who's always making me smile till my cheeks get sore! (omg Jen, I know what you're thinking.....)
I'd like to also pass this award to my dear friend Nicky. Not only her blog makes me smile but her friendship too! I just met her last year at J's Knicknacks for a make-and-take and some time after she came to my house for a class. After that, we became such great friends. I'd like to remind her that her friendship means a lot to me and I thank her for everything she's done. Lately she's been there for me through some rough and challenging times. I'm glad to have her friendship =)

Award from Kyoko

I just got this award from Kyoko of Cards and Tags Mania! It's funny because she's great friends with Linda who also gave me this same award. I met these girls at the same time at Denise's house just a few weeks ago. You should go over to Kyoko's website and check out her creations! Just like her friend Linda, she's a hilarious and crazy person with a big heart.

Award From Linda

Linda of Simple & Sassy Creations gave me this Gift of Love award! I recently met her in person at a gathering and she's a wonderful and fun person. Another thing we have in common besides cardmaking is our love for food and cooking. We've been exchanging recipes and sharing our dishes with each other through our blogs lately. She also has a crazy side to her that surprises me =) I'm glad though because it'll make me look shy when we're together.