Monday, August 25, 2008

~CHECK THIS OUT~ A Jillion Pieces

I met this girl named Jill and she sells these CUTE things that she makes by hand and all by herself! I just had to share this. I saw her at the craft fair we were both participating in. Anyway I just bought 4 pairs of the stud earrings and I asked her to custom make 2. You just have to see this for yourself!! By the way, make sure you have a full stomach because it makes you hungry for dessert!

I asked if she could make this stud style.
I wanted just the green bow on the heart.

I bought this pair!

And this one too!

Don't you just want to take a bit out of this one?

You can visit her on Etsy and purchase any of her items.
She also does custom made items so go ahead and inquire!! =)


WhimsicalThoughts said...

Oh my goodness, those are so cute.

Joy said...

those are so cute and they look so good to eat! thanks for sharing. all the girls in the office were blown away =)

Mits said...

I am feeling hungry after seeing such cute cakes. She is certainly great at making such cute cakes.


Jana said...

Oh my gosh... They are making me hungry!! How cute. Thanks for sharing! Found your site through Jean at Stamping Spot.

Alysabeth said...

OMG these are FABULOUS!