Sunday, November 9, 2008

FOOD for thought

Pot of spaghetti with italian sausages

Fluffy biscuits with cheese

Crispy layered biscuits

This is a pot of chili

So I was thinking, I only have crafty things in my blog.....but I want to turn it into a variety of things. So here's food I made tonight for dinner. I usually try and make 4-5 dishes for the entire week so I can come home and warm up and rest...or have a drink. But tonight I am getting over a bad sinus infection that I had energy to make only 2 dishes.


WhimsicalThoughts said...

Wow it all looks so yummy, especially the Fluffy biscuits with cheese .... ummmmm

Catherine said...

you just made me really hungry at 10AM...LOL!

Bona said...

Gosh Dawne! That looks so good. My family loves spaghetti. All the years I've been making spaghetti, I thought to add italian sausages. I think I'll try it. Thanks for posting the yummy food. Posting something other than scrapbooking is a good idea. Maybe we can swap our favorite recipes.

Jodi said...

You are making all of us sooo hungry!! Looks great! =)

nicky w. said...

Those biscuits sure look yummy!!! Mmmm!