Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kapolei Craft Fair & Ho'olaulea

Come see me this Saturday from 9am - 1pm (some vendors will stay later). It's Kapolei Elementary's 3rd annual craft fair and their first Ho'olaulea. There will be crafts, children activities, food and refreshments along with entertainment.

I also invited my friend Jill from A Jillion Pieces (her creations above). She'll be there too =) Check out her cutest creations.


Margie said...

OmyGosh! These are all so yummy-cute!

nicky w. said...

Sooo cute!!!

charlotte said...

They are so cute - wish I were going to the craft fair this Saturday but can't - are you doing any others?

Joy said...

these are such cute creations! I love it! I missed the craft fair. will you be doing any more? TFS!

ajillionpieces said...

Hey Dawne!

Thanks for telling me about the Kapolei Craft Fair. My sisters and I had a blast, and thanks for this post about my stuffs, hehe. <3

^_^ Hope you had a great Christmas! & Happy New Year!