Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gifts From Nicky!!

The other Saturday, it was Nicky's turn to come over to lug over her things to craft at my house. But she also brought over gifts for me! She gave me this super cute card and it made me tear - 'owl always be your friend' it said inside. She gave me a Longs gift card with it for helping her with stuffs I did....which I actually wanted to do. Anyway, she also brought over a box of Liliha cocoa puffs for me and my family! Oh and we went to Ben Franklin in Kailua together to use our 40% off coupon and we went to Round Table Pizza to pick up lunch and she handed her card to the cashier like sooo fast!! Besides being so pampered with all kinds of stuffs from Nicky, I had such a wonderful time! From 10:30 till around 8pm at night and it went by so super fast. I always look forward to hanging out with her. My husband thinks we are like little Elementary School kids cause we are always cracking up like crazy!!

card from Nicky!
made just for me =)

King Arthur Special from Round Table Pizza
(sorry I forgot to take a picture...we ate all the pizza already)

mmm......cocoa puffs!!!

such a nice box!!


Denise said...

Those cocoa puffs look so YUMMY!! Liliha makes the best. Thanks for my RAK today, love the Hello Kitties.

nicky w. said...

You really are nutsos... that's why we get a long so well... you forgot to tell about the incident with the table. ha ha ha! I had fun too. :) Now that I feel better... we can do that again soon!