Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Old Stuffs

I just found these pics from last year! I guess I never got around to posting them. But these are long gone. I sold them through co-workers, friends, husband's co-workers, craft fairs, etc. I might want to try and making some of them again. I usually make my cards one of a kind. I rarely make them the same unless it's requested again. I find it hard to take orders for the exact same card that I have already made because I might not have that same paper.


Joy said...

so many cards! those are so pretty and love the hello kitty! I wish they made a pochacco! lol! I am just like you and I don't like to make duplicates unless I really have to. hope you have a wonderful Easter!

Margie said...

WoW! So many cards!
I really love the lil pocket card with the gift card in it and also the lil pickup truck :) Very cute!!!
TFS!!! xo

Linda said...

Hey Dawne - love the cards! Doesn't matter if its old or new, they are all wonderful! I especially love the one w/the truck and the little monsters - SO CUTE! BTW, do you have a recipe for those garlic potatoes? I LOVE GARLIC! Happy Wednesday and enjoy the rest of your week!

Denise said...

Dawne, these cards are fabulous!!! Love the cupcake ones & the Hello Kitty's are the Best!

jennyv said...

Wow Dawne. Looks like you been busy. It's all beautiful esp that pocket card. Where did you get it?Happy Easter and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Oh I forgot can I have your mailing address. I want to send you some love letter (LOL)


nicky w. said...

That's a lot of cards! You inspire me! I love what you did with Hello Kitty... she looks a lot different with DARK clothes. I'm gonna play around with that sometime.

Jen said...

Supah Cute, Fonzie Baby!!!! Ok, I've added you to my blog list. So sorry I didn't have you on there for the longest of time - das how come I didn't come visit. Slap me!!!

Love all of your cards here... esp the HK ones. Don't you find that the larger ones are easier to cut on the Circut? Is that the Cricut you used? or the Silhouette? Or is it a Sizzix? Dang, which one, Fonz?! I am thinking it's the Sizzix, cuz I don't think you own a Cricut - or do you now?!??!

Ok, you can start posting to my blog again, since I've added you - I will now know when to come and visit if you update.

Thanks for the laffs, girl.

Jen (a.k.a Gina)

Kyoko said...

Hi Dawne! Your cards are sooo precious! HK is so cute. HAPPY EASTER!

Cheryl said...

So cute Dawne!!! That's a lot of cards!